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Today in Johnson City History: May 21

May 21, 1873: The Press and Messenger, a newspaper in Knoxville, told readers of the advice of a C. Austin from Johnson City: If one had caterpillars in their fruit trees, “Put one good charge of powder in a shot gun; put no wad on it, but shoot into their nest and you will instantly clean them all out if well charged and judiciously done and do no injury to your tree.”

Today in Johnson City History: May 20

May 20, 1883: The Cranberry Mine Company proposed to extend its narrow-gauge road from Johnson City, on the East Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia railway, to Lenoir, North Carolina, making it 91 miles in length. This would open the region to the outside world.

Today in Johnson City History: May 17

May 17, 1879: The Knoxville Chronicle reported that “Rettie, little daughter of Mr. Joe Lyle, living near Johnson City on Tuesday of last week, while playing in the barn, fell and put her arm out of place at the elbow, the bone projecting through the skin. We are glad to learn that the joint has been restored and is not permanently injured.”

Today in Johnson City History: May 18

May 18, 1866: Mary Kate Morrison Buck was born. Mrs. Buck found time to work in the Women’s Societies and served as president of the Missionary Society and the Aid Society. During World War I, she gave many hours to the American Red Cross.

Today in Johnson City History: May 16

May 16, 1885: The Comet reported, “Mr. John H. Wilcox, an old citizen of Scott but now a resident of Johnson City, Tennessee is here looking after some business affairs. He appears to be in fine health for a man of his age, and says that Johnson City is the best place in the world.”

Today in Johnson City History: May 13

May 13, 1882: The Knoxville Chronicle reported news about the E.T. and W.N.C. Narrow Gauge Railroad. “We understand from Mr. H.T. Cooper, who has just returned from a trip to upper East Tennessee, that the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Narrow Gauge Railroad, extending from Johnson City through Cater county, is now about completed, and it is expected to have regular passenger, freight and mail trains running over it by June 15th.”

Today in Johnson City History: May 11

May 11, 1870: The Daily Press and Herald, a newspaper in Knoxville, reported that “Quite a serious affray took place at Johnson City … in which a saloon keeper, named Matt Taylor, broke a candy jar over the head of a man by the name of Ford, cutting his face and head severely. This he followed up by breaking a heavy walking stock over his victim. The Mayor of the city interfered and commanded the peace, and would have arrested the offenders, but for the want of a calaboose, in which to lock them up.”