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Today in Johnson City History: November 29

Nov. 29, 1888: From the pages of The Comet: “Our friend S.H. Hendrix, of Carters, has replaced our sick rooster with great big frizzly one. It is a fine crower and if we that do not get chicken hungry before that time, he will crow for the democracy in 1892.”

Today in Johnson City History: November 27

Nov. 27, 1890: The Comet reported that the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough had passed through Johnson City earlier that week. The duke at the time was Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill, the 9th Duke of Marlborough. The duchess was American Consuelo Spencer-Churchill, born Consuelo Vanderbilt, a member of the prominent Vanderbilt family.

Today in Johnson City History: November 26

Nov. 26, 1885: The Comet reported on an unsuccessful attempt at courting. “A young gentleman being introduced to a certain young lady in this place a few evenings since, after a rather lengthy conversation with her mid in his departure: ‘Good evening, ma’am; I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you again some time in the near future,’ when she replied, ‘Yes, I hope so, thank you — in heaven.’”