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Today in Johnson City History: June 20

June 20, 1885: The Comet carried this news: “Hon. R.L. Taylor bids The Comet good-by (sic) this week. We are sorry to lose him, but Mr. Cleveland wants him to help run the Government and we have to give him up. We shall miss his facile pen and smiling face and shining head. But we shall expect to hear from him often in this paper. He christened The Comet in its infancy, and nursed it till it was able to sit alone. We will not forget him. We will remind him that he is still in our hearts and in our memories by drawing on him occasionally when we get in a tight place. Our relations have been extremely pleasant and we part with sincere regret. A cleverer, bigger souled, bigger hearted man than Bob Taylor never lived. We would like to see him go from Pension Agent to Governor, United States Senator and President.”

Today in Johnson City History: June 19

June 19, 1886: The Journal and Tribune, a newspaper published in Knoxville, reported, “Mr. R.A. Morrell, of Johnson City, arrived in the city yesterday evening on the down passenger train, with his wife, who was insane, on his way to the asylum at Lyon’s View. A private conveyance was secured and the mad woman taken to the asylum closely guarded. Mrs. Morrell is a woman perhaps 45 years of age, and has one of the worst cases of insanity ever received at the asylum. Her hands had to be tied behind her back and she closely watched to keep her from doing harm. The unfortunate woman has been unsound mind for some six months, and now persists in talking, shouting, cursing and moving about all the time.”