Texaco service station in the 1950s

By Dick Stephens
While copying some slides of my Dad and Mom (John and Ruth Stephens of Jonesborough, both passed now), I found three pictures of the Texaco service station my dad ran in the 1950s. The titles of the pictures are what was written on the slides. If you look at the photo titled Fred QD, you can see in the background the Pure service station across the street. I recognized this as the same building still standing today at the corner of Delaware and Market Streets. I had heard Dad’s service station was in the area of the Apex, but until I saw these photos, I wasn’t sure where. I included a shot of the Pure service station building as it looks today from Google Maps, and I estimated the location of Dad’s Texaco station in the Location file. It must have been what is now in the middle of the intersection with John Exum Parkway.
Another interesting thing, the Auto Races poster on the pole near the pumps shows up in the photo titled John. The date is Sat. Aug. 16. I looked up the calendars for the 1950s and the only years that had a Saturday on Aug 16 was 1952 and 1958. We lived in Ohio for a year in 1958, so these pictures must have been from 1952. They could have been from 1947, but I think my dad was still in the Army at that time. Also, the auto races were at Roosevelt Stadium in Johnson City. I had to Google that name, but found it was the original name for Memorial Stadium.
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