Today in Johnson City History: Aug. 1

Aug. 1, 1889: Chief of Police H.W. Weiler tendered his resignation effective immediately. His reason? Weiler ran a queensware (fine pottery) store in town and the enemies he naturally made in his capacity as chief were hindering his trade.

Aug. 1, 1928: Sam Roberts Jr. was fined $4 for following a fire engine too closely. That’s the equivalent of about $60 today.

Aug. 1, 1957: Ben Crumley replaced Travis Kinkead on the City Commission.

Aug. 1, 1996: Dr. William W. Locke became Northeast State Technical Community College.

Aug. 1, 2013: The City Commission officially named the new downtown green space created through flood mitigation efforts “Founders Park.”

Sources: The Comet; Johnson City Court Records, 1928; City of Johnson City; Northeast State; Johnson City Press

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