Today in Johnson City History: August 7

Aug. 7, 1902: The Comet carried a story about mapping Roan Mountain. On another page, we read that “Love is never found; it comes.”

Aug. 7, 1928: Red J’s Taxi Company was cited for parking at a fire plug. The charge was dismissed.

Aug. 7, 1939: Johnson City celebrated 117 consecutive “deathless days” without traffic fatalities and other mortal missteps, tying the city’s previous record.

Aug. 7, 1968: Area postal officials wrestled with the suggestion of a central U.S. Post Office at Tri-Cities Airport. Johnson City Postmaster Fred Lockett Jr. predicted that such a step would be inevitable, since 60 percent of all mail was routed by air.

Aug. 7, 2009: The 13th annual Umoja/Unity festival, a celebration of diversity, began at Freedom Hall Civic Center.

Sources: The Comet; Johnson City Court Documents, 1928; Johnson City Press and Staff News; Kingsport Times; Johnson City Press

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