Today in Johnson City History: July 31

July 31, 1850: Robert Love Taylor was born in Carter County. He was the U.S. representative from the First District in Tennessee from 1879 to 1881, was Governor of Tennessee from 1887 to 1891 and from 1897 to 1899 and was United States senator from 1907 until his death. In addition, Mr. Taylor was editor of The Comet in 1884.

July 31, 1885: The Comet reported that Johnson City’s unnamed “pugilist” had been on his muscle again. “While at Roan Mountain this week he was insulted by a Georgian, where upon he struck his favorite straight from the shoulder blow, which caught his antagonist under the left wing of the head and felled him to the foot of Roan Mountain. When he returned it was not much trouble for one man to keep all of the Johnson City crowd away from him. We will have to appoint a manager for our pugilist and put him in training for the fall season.”

July 31, 1937: Management consultant Bill Bain was born in Johnson City. Mr. Bain founded Bain and Company; prior to that, he worked for Boston Consulting Group.

July 31, 1966: The Johnson City Press-Chronicle published a special section honoring Col. Lee B. Harr, the director of the Veterans Administration at Mountain Home.

July 31, 2009: East Tennessee State University conducted a memorial service in honor of Seth Coy, a Buccaneer basketball player who had been killed in car accident earlier in the week. The 6-foot, 11-inch center had driven through Shelby County in Kentucky on his way home to Montgomery, Ind., when his car hydroplaned.

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