Today in Johnson City History: March 25

By Rebecca Henderson and Johnson City Press

March 25, 1885: Johnson City was granted a new charter. Col. Seth H. Yokum was elected mayor.

March 25, 1909: General agent M.L. Fox warned in an ad in The Comet that lot prices would soon rise by 50 percent in the new Southwest Addition (the Tree Streets). “A large number of good houses are now under contract, costing from $3,000 to $25,000. Now is the time to buy and to build.”

March 25, 1941: The Appalachian Kennel Club’s annual AKC Dog Show got underway at Liggett and Meyers Warehouse in Johnson City.

March 25, 1971: A group of Tri-Cities legislators, local government officials and medical professionals met with Tennessee Gov. Winfield Dunn about the proposed college of medicine for East Tennessee State University. Dunn ultimately vetoed the bill to establish the medical school, but the Legislature overrode the veto in March 1974.

Sources: Archives of Appalachia, Mary Hardin McCown Collection; Johnson City Press-Chronicle.

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