Today in Johnson City History: November 16

Nov. 16, 1893: The Watauga Tannery, one of Johnson City’s oldest and largest businesses, was building an addition to its beam house. The business was located at the base of the Tannery Knob, possibly on the current site of the City Garage. It was owned by G.B. and E. Horton of New York and S.H. Yokum and H. Gildersleeve of Johnson City.

Nov. 16, 1911: The McClain ice cream parlor recently had been sold to Charlie Mallicote, who changed the name to “The Garden.” The Comet declared, “When a young man now invites his Eve into the Garden to have ice cream she may be heard to exclaim. ‘I don’t care Adam if I do.’”

Nov. 16, 1951: The science fiction classic “The Day the Earth Stood Still” was playing at the Majestic Theatre in downtown Johnson City.

Nov. 16, 1977: The University of Tennessee played its Orange and White Basketball Game at Freedom Hall Civic Center.

Nov. 16, 2007: The George L. Carter Railroad Museum was dedicated on the campus of East Tennessee State University. A railroad magnate, Carter donated 120 acres of land to create what is now known as East Tennessee State University.

Sources: The Comet; Bobbie H. Shirley, Freedom Hall; Ted Bowers/Johnson City, Tennessee, Memories; East Tennessee State University.

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