Today in Johnson City History: October 31

Oct. 31, 1889: Mack, everybody’s dog, had met one of his country cousins who disputed his right of way in the Johnson City streets. Mack downed him and thrashed him soundly. Mack’s opponent walked off with his tail curled so tight that his hind legs danced “Yankee Doodle” trying to stay on the land.

Oct. 31, 1901: John Fain lost an arm that week under a Southern Railway train. He had been lying near the track at the Welbourne Street crossing.

Oct. 31, 1907: The Comet published an artist’s rendering of the original Southern Methodist Church building — later dubbed Munsey Memorial — slated for the northeast corner of Market and Roan streets. The estimated cost of the project was $30,000, the equivalent of $819,443 in today’s money.

Oct. 31, 1944: The Darlin Jones cabin was moved to its current location at Camp Wildwood, and is used by the Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians. Darlin Jones fought in the battle of Kings’ Mountain.

Oct. 31, 1980: The Dairymen Banquet was held at Freedom Hall Civic Center.

Oct. 31, 1987: Tina Turner performed at Freedom Hall Civic Center.

Oct. 31, 2006: Droves of trick-or-treaters descended on West Walnut Street, renewing one of Johnson City’s most popular annual events. Terry Hardin, community relations officer for the Johnson City Police Department, estimated that “at the very least,” 5,000 children had paraded up and down the street, gathering goodies from local businesses.

Sources: The Comet; Becky Luntsford, Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians; Bobbie H. Shirley, Freedom Hall; Johnson City Press

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