Today in Johnson City History: September 18

Sept. 18, 1890: Charles P. Wofford and Co., a real estate and brokerage company, advertised its services in The Comet. The offices were on East Main Street adjacent to Kite & Gaunt. The Wofford Brothers Insurance Co. was incorporated six years later and remains in business today. It is among the city’s oldest businesses.

Sept. 18, 1902: W.J. Exum was working on two new buildings on Market Street. One was to be used by George W. Campbell as a plumbing shop and display room and the other was to be used by Jere Camp, the blacksmith. Exum also planned to build a storeroom on the Main Street end of the lot next to the building occupied by Blevins & Grossman.

Sept. 18, 1966: The Johnson City Press-Chronicle published a special section recognizing East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad’s 100th anniversary. Dozens of ads were in the section, including ones from Cooper’s Office Equipment, Citizens Bank and East Tennessee State University.

Sources: The Comet; Johnson City Press-Chronicle

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