Then and Now: Tennessee history endures at Tipton-Haynes site

The Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site is dedicated to preserving the early history of Northeast Tennessee and to telling the story of the two prominent families who called the site home.

Downtown Johnson City changes with the times

Over the last 150 years, downtown Johnson City has gone through several transformations, from a small railroad outpost to a bustling center of commerce to a ghost town to a historic small business district.

Rails to highways and trails: Keeping Johnson City moving

From the first rail spike in 1857 to the improvement of Exit 17 on Interstate 26 in 2019, roads have forged the way for Johnson City’s development.

Today in Johnson City History: Dec. 1

Dec. 1, 1869: Johnson City received its charter from the state of Tennessee.

Today in Johnson City History: November 30

Nov. 30, 1888: The State of Tennessee chartered John T. Wilder’s “Watauga Improvement Company.” This provided for building houses, grading streets, making sidewalks, libraries and schools, as well as other like-infrastructure.

Johnson City at 150: Then & Now

Just a block from where Henry Johnson built his general store near Brush Creek in 1856, the town he founded will celebrate its 150th birthday today in King Commons Park.

Today in Johnson City History: November 29

Nov. 29, 1888: From the pages of The Comet: “Our friend S.H. Hendrix, of Carters, has replaced our sick rooster with great big frizzly one. It is a fine crower and if we that do not get chicken hungry before that time, he will crow for the democracy in 1892.”

Today in Johnson City History: November 28

Nov. 28, 1889: Ground had been broken for the new depot of the “Three Cs” Road — the short-lived enterprise of Gen. John T. Wilder, the Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad.

Today in Johnson City History: November 27

Nov. 27, 1890: The Comet reported that the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough had passed through Johnson City earlier that week. The duke at the time was Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill, the 9th Duke of Marlborough. The duchess was American Consuelo Spencer-Churchill, born Consuelo Vanderbilt, a member of the prominent Vanderbilt family.

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