Young soldier left his mark before graduating high school

People who who knew him recall Homer L. Pease as a man of grit and determination. The Johnson City native showed those qualities in 1942 when he joined the Army at age 13.

Today in Johnson City History: November 17

Nov. 17, 1877: W.G. Barker was elected secretary of the Science Hill Literary Society.

Today in Johnson City History: November 16

Nov. 16, 1893: The Watauga Tannery, one of Johnson City’s oldest and largest businesses, was building an addition to its beam house. The business was located at the base of the Tannery Knob, possibly on the current site of the City Garage. It was owned by G.B. and E. Horton of New York and S.H. Yokum and H. Gildersleeve of Johnson City.

Today in Johnson City History: November 14

Nov. 14, 1889: Work was progressing on several new homes and stores in Johnson City, including John E. Harris residence on Myrtle Street, J.A. Wilson’s home on Watauga Avenue, Mr. Elmondorf’s dwelling on 2nd Avenue in Carnegie (East Fairview today), H. Gildersleeve’s handsome new residence on Market Street, W.J. Thomas’ residence at Boone and Watauga, A.R. Johnson’s house on Holston Avenue, James A. Martin’s house on Poplar Street, Judge Chandler’s house on Watauga, C.B. Hamilton’s residence at Watauga and Inman, G.A. Reeves’ store on Main Street and W.W. Faw’s store on Market.

Today in Johnson City History: November 13

Nov. 13, 1890: The city’s Street Committee was accepting sealed proposals for the grading of several streets within the corporate limits. “The Board of Mayor and Aldermen reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.”

Today in Johnson City History: November 15

Nov 15, 1884: A new sidewalk had been completed from the Presbyterian Church to the railroad.

Today in Johnson City History: November 12

Nov. 12, 1871: First Christian Church began in the home of William Young at 1117 Cedar Place.

Today in Johnson City History: November 11

Nov. 11, 1886: Johnson City’s new tobacco warehouse was to open that week.

Today in Johnson City History: November 10

Nov. 10, 1887: Capt. S.T. Harris had purchased the Range building on Main Street, previously occupied as a drug store, to arrange it for a bank. Capt. Harris stated to a Comet reporter that the stock in his new bank had about all been taken. The bank was to be known as the First National Bank of Johnson City.